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Local Content on Television

NZ On Air is a crown entity which was established to promote and foster the development of New Zealand's culture on the airwaves. It funds locally made television programmes, as well as television and radio transmission, and archiving services.

The aim is to fund programmes and broadcasts not otherwise provided in a commercial market. These should be widely accessible, reflect New Zealand's diversity, be rich in information, and also be entertaining for all New Zealanders.

NZ on Air consults widely with broadcasters, producers and audiences, and conducts specific research projects. This enables them to make funding policies informed by audience preferences, attitudes and behaviour.

Television funding

NZ on Air ensures that New Zealand television viewers are able to see themselves and their culture reflected in a range of programmes screening on free-to-air television.

NZ On Air funds programmes under two broad categories:

  • 'high risk', high cost categories such as drama and documentaries
  • programmes catering to the special interests of women, youth, children, persons with disabilities and minorities in the community, including ethnic minorities.

    Generally the programmes NZ On Air funds would not be able to be produced in a wholly commercial broadcasting environment.

    For more information see

    Television Advertising Content

    The free to air broadcasters established voluntary restraints on non-programme content in the mid 1990s and there are the guiding principles for commercial and promotional airtime in order to address issues of commercial clutter.

    The levels are 12.5 minutes of advertising per hour plus 2 minutes of programme and station promotions - a total of 14.5 minutes non-programme content per hour. This is the average over the peak (6-10.30pm) time zone. At other times of the day a similar approach is applied but more flexibility is available.

    Advertising to Children is dealt with in the rules tab of this website.