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This is a list of all the submissions made by the NZTBC in date order.

Submission from the New Zealand Television Broadcasters' Council on the Copyright (Infringing file sharing) Amendment Bill (PDF)
The New Zealand Television Broadcasters’ Council (TBC) represents the licensees of television programming that has been downloaded without authorization in New Zealand over 900,000 times in the past year. The members of the Council are TVNZ, MediaWorks TV and Maori Television.

Submission in response to "Alcohol in Our Lives", an issue paper on the reform of New Zealand's liquor laws (PDF)
The NZTBC is generally supportive of reform of New Zealand's liquor laws, but believes the existing self regulatory system managed by the Advertising Standards Authority combined with existing restrictions in law are already providing all the advertising restrictions necessary.

Submission in response to Electoral Finance Reform Proposals (PDF)
The NZTBC welcomes this review as there were several electoral finance issues in the last election that affected media and caused public concern.

Submission on the Digital Futures Discussion paper
The NZTBC has an interest in promoting and protecting the long term viability of Free to Air Television and the spectrum planning that is underway is an important process that will allocate spectrum for the foreseeable future.

Comments on the Electoral Finance Issues Paper
The New Zealand Television Broadcasters' Council represents the common interest of its members, the majority of the Free to Air broadcasters in New Zealand. The members are TVNZ, Maori Television Service and MediaWorks TV. As Free to Air broadcasters, we have a very direct interest in the political process and electoral finance is an integral part of that process.

Submission on the Public Health Bill
The NZTBC is largely supportive of the broad intentions of the Public Health Bill ('the Bill") in particular those clauses relating to communicable diseases. However, the NZTBC's support of the Bill is not unqualified and this submission makes specific comment regarding our concerns with the Bill relating to non-communicable diseases.